Thursday, June 20, 2013

x++ series: EDT (Extended Data Types)

One of important AOT objects is EDT. You have heard about Extended Data Types so far, at every job interview this is one of the questions, but no one could answer correctly nor interviewee knows the right answer and why should it is going to be asked! just MUST ask it.
Even worst, because EDT is going to be obsolete at next Microsoft Dynamics releases so developers assume they should ignore from using it.
But, actually EDT is more that these :
1) derived type.
2) Display a variable in user friendly.
3) Make it sense to relevant program's structure.
What is more?
By using EDT, you can establish a table relation which is no longer could be created from EDT node and totally moved to table node properties. It is recommended to convert all existing EDT by using EDT Relation Migration Tool in AX 2012
One of the most advantage of using EDT along with this tool is you can add a data field to a form with just a few steps with no need to define a data source relations manually then thanks to Field Groups just establish everything at once by adding this newly created field to the table's Group Field so having the relevant data in Form Design and that's it, you done!

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