Saturday, October 06, 2012

Why using Python?

First time when I faced with Python (2 years ago) it was vague!
But as you may know the vague things is some how could help
us doing the things in a new ways. Python came to me in such.
You may use Python for the following reasons :
1. Fast scripting OOP using interactive console along with simple CLI (in compared to PHP, Perl, Java).
2. Fast tools development, using both GUI and command-line.
3. The most useful Dictionary objects, twisted along with List to List feature which I have seen ever.
4. The most simpler but rich functionality of working with file system, which I've tried ever.
5. Tones of methods, I called in all-in-one, which lets you create a complex routine in only a few lines.
    for example to set through the dictionary's value to access records directly :
                >>> for record in db.values(): print(record['LastName'])
6. In favor of Pickle module you now can translate an in-memory object into a serialize byte stream that can   be written to any file object.
7. In favor of Shelve interface, you can now using store your in-memory dictionaries objects for permanent keeping of them.
8. Big approach: Using a network socket, you can now ship pickled objects across a network and provides your own SOAP or XML based RPC services.
9. Execute the OS (Linux/Unix, MacOS, Windows) processes.
10. Porting to any platform, developing Google cloud's applications, ... .

These are not only 10 tips of Python , but by searching the Keywords inside you can learn Python more quickly now :)

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