Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Business Intelligence in a complete word

Business Intelligence is going to be a key success of the world's business and marketing, this is why I wanted to be certified; I love it; I deal with it because it's the mix of programming development along with financially facts and measures which is predictable as seen by the market trend that shows the company direction, so you are the one who represent this to your boss! I believe that BI is the most IT tool which is tangible in the real world.

Now let be familiar with it :

Effective decisions are choices that move an organization closer to an agreed-on set of goals in a timely manner.

Three key ingredients necessary for making effective decisions:
ü  First, there must be a set of goals to work toward.
ü  Second, there must be a way to measure whether a chosen course is moving toward
 or away from those goals.
ü  Third, information based on those measures must be provided to the decision maker
in a timely manner.

To function as part of effective decision making, a goal must:
ü  Contain a specific target.
ü  Provide a means to measure whether we are progressing toward that target.

Ø  Business intelligence is used to support effective decision so it should be utilized at all levels of an organization to promote effective decision making.

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