Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Default value or value provided for the report parameter 'Period_Year' is not a valid value

You may get this error while opening the Enterprise Portal/Role Center :
"Default value or value provided for the report parameter 'Period_Year' is not a valid value"
Short answer is, you should create a new period for fiscal year for a company.
So many googling for this error had no useful solution, unless tried by myself to find out the reason and here is the answer, clear and straightforward :
do this by : 
1. Just go to the AOS and be sure to selected the company which you want to work on.
2. Go to "General Ledger" -> Setup, expand "Periods" then click on "Periods".
3. In the opening window,  on the right hand, click on "Create new fiscal year".
4. create a fiscal year from the start point to the current year.
5. Update BI Data and OLTP schema using the OLAP Administration page.
6. Process the cubes and deploy them.
7. All done, browse and see the KPIs is correct now.
Note that the "Current year" in fiscal year is so important because inside the reports there is a select command that pointed to the "date(now())" function and if the current year does not exist the query will return "null" which are the input data for "company year" so as long as "Period year" using "company year" value for its query then the default data won't be available to the webpart when starting the page and finally it returns the error.

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