Monday, January 24, 2005

Protect your browser from attack ads

A newly discovered security flaw in Internet Explorer 6 is being exploited by virus writers to spread a worm via online advertisements...

The bug is caused by the way iFrames – the HTML commands for displaying frames on a Web page – are processed in IE6. When you click the attack program's link, it triggers a buffer overflow error, causing the browser to fail. A clever attacker can then load his or her own program onto your PC and take over your machine. If you don't click the malicious ad, your computer will not be attacked.
Poeple using Windows XP Service Pack 2 are not affected by the bug. Prior versions of Windows, however, from 98 through XP Service Pack 1, are vulnerable. Users should install Microsoft's patch to block potential attacks. The patch is also a cumulative update for IE, so you will get all the previous patches in this single download.

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