Monday, November 15, 2004

How to interpret Windows XP/.NET/2000 Installation date

... I have asked about Windows XP/2003(.NET) for deactivation and activation solutions more.Maybe you had the same problem before.I have no decide to learn activation procedure, you can find out on the internet or maybe did it.But I'll explain the way that can interpret the installation date and determine the deactivation time and date based on 120 or 180 days of Windows evaluation policy.This will answer to at least the following questions:1.How many days time left to deactivation?2.If the time is over and deactivation didn't occur then you can be certain about your activation.The easiest way is go to the command prompt, then run "systeminfo" and see the "Orginal Install Date" section for the installation date and time.The SystemInfo GUI doesn't have this section.Use command prompt version.The other way is open "regedit" then go to the:"HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion"int he right pane find "InstallDate", read the decimal value of "InstallDate" and go to the to calculate the value.Note than for windows server 2003 Enterprise you have to re-install or repair to product key take effect, as I know.

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